Written By James E Cavanaugh and Clint Sears - Director Darren Lynn Bousman 

When a secondary team of dysfunctional US Navy SEALs are forced to take the lead to recover a suspected WMD they are warped to a space station and pitted against a dangerous alien race.  They quickly learn they must rise above their differences and team up to survive. 

Bitter Sweet

Written by/Director Jeremy Walters

Set in the midst of a seedy and dark Los Angeles, this classic film noir revenge story, feels like a modern Sergio Leone film intertwined with Collateral. Christopher Sweet has it all he wants, a fresh start, a new job and most importantly a beautiful pregnant wife to share his future with. Though, in an incredible turn of events his life is turned upside down and he witnesses the brutal raping and killing of his precious wife. A case of mistaken identity gone tragically wrong. Through sheer will power and razor sharp focus he will stop at nothing to seek revenge

Killer Within

Written by Edward Mansey, Lou Giglio and Joe Di Maio.

This dark psychological crime thriller tells the story of young screenwriter Michael and the object of his fascination Orin "The Torch" Kuminski. A jailed criminal obsessed to kill the detective that put him away. Orin's possession over Michael unveils his inner darkness, and he now becomes the ruthless killer orin once was.

Machu Picchu 3D

Large Screen Cinema and Gordon Bijelonic Film present Machu Picchu 3D, a large format documentary film. This production follows Panama Canal 3D, as the second of a "Wonder of the World" series of Large Format films. This one of a kind production in Peru will follow a powerful story, have breathtaking images and incredible music,  and showcase this wonder of the world like never before.